Accordion iPart: Pseudo Code’s #1 Requested iPart

Get the big picture before focussing on details.

What is Accordion iPart?

Get the big picture before focussing on details.


  • No coding required – provides a user friendly interface for addition, deletion and sorting of accordions

  • Fully responsive on all devices

  • Supports unlimited accordions

  • Accordion is integrated with toggle/collapse effect configuration so you can

    • open one or more accordion at a same time or only one at a time
    • Expand by default first item or expand all items or collapse all items
  • Flexible look and feel driven by CSS
  • Font awesome icon support
  • Support for HTML Editor


  • Condense information in a limited space and enable users to see the big picture and focus on the gist rather than on the details.
  • Great way to present support information like FAQs

  • Allow mobile-first visitors to have control over their content path so that they can decide whether to expand or defer it for later, giving them the choice of what to read and what to ignore.
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