Small but powerful buddies with important roles to play!

BPay the easy way!

Generate unique ID’s on your iMIS invoices for use with BPay.  Then upload the statement back for immediate payment processing.

Give a little bit more on checkout!

Fully configurable.  Ask supporters to round up their cart total at checkout.

MYOB Specific exports for iMIS

Uses standard iMIS functionality, but configured for MYOB to handle!

Easy as 1,2,3

No programming, no developers, no hassle.  Use IQA queries to segment your data and create your audience.  Write your message and send!

Main Features


iMIS generated BPAY ID's

For every invoice created in iMIS

Payments processed on upload

Payments are matched and paid when your BPAY statement is uploaded back into iMIS.

Australia's favourite way to pay

Users know BPay. It is trusted and easy to use!

For iMIS Enterprise and iMIS 2017

All Pseudo Code products are cloud-friendly, but BPay Buddy is available for iMIS 2017 users as well!

Donation Roundup

Call to Action at Checkout

Invite supporters to spntaneously 'round up' their cart total by making a donation.

Automatic Suggestion

Donation Round Up Buddy will automatically populate the value of the donation based on simple configuration but also enable the user to overwrite the value

Capture New Donors

Convert visitors to your shop, or members into donors simply and cost-effectively.

For iMIS Enterprise and iMIS 2017

All Pseudo Code products are cloud-friendly, but Donation Round Up Buddy is available for iMIS 2017 users as well!


MYOB Specific Export

Using standard iMISfinancila processes

Staff Site queries and display

For easy viewing and access


Driven by Simple IQA Queries

Using a simple ClickSend integration directly from the staff site, select your recipients, write your message and click send!

Real-time Preview

Real-time editing and preview of changes made whilst perfecting the message, and a live estimate of the cost per message to send.

Personalised Messaging

Use any column in your IQA to merge and send personalised messages. The built-in tiny URL tool keeps links succinct (keeps the cost down!)

Real Time Balance

See how much money you have left in your ClickSend account from the SMS Dashboard on the iMIS staff site

Why you need a Baby Buddy?

Donation roundup

It's the little things that create a first class member experience

Frequently asked questions


Yes, speak to your bank or financial provider

The record will be saved in an exception report so you can review and find a match

Donation Roundup

Yes, they can change it to 0.00 or donate more if they wish

Yes – you can set the distribution code yourself and change it at anytime

In the configuration you can choose whether to round to the nearest $5 or $10 value.  So if default rounding is set to 5, and the cart total is $11.95, then the suggested value will be $3.05, changing the total to $15

It is currently in use in iMIS 2017, but we are working now to make it available in iMIS EMS


Xero works ina  slightly different way, so it will depend on your specific requirements for the export.  But usually the queries can be altered.


No.  If you can write an IQA query, they you can send SMS messages.  We even give you a few to start with!

ClickSend only charge if the phone number is verified by the provider at the point of sending.  

We are working now to offer other solutions as well

Request a demo of any...