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Main Features

Powered by Search Buddy

All the power of Search Buddy, and then just a little bit more

Enable Connections

Connects business and people straight from iMIS RiSE with no log in needed, Direct communication to the contacts in your Serach buddy directory.

Dashboard data

Referrals made are saved into your iMIS. for your members to see clearly from a dashboard. They will even know what filters were used int he search to find them!

Fully Responsive

A fully responsive app that performs equally well on all devices and screen sizes

Why you need this?

Frequently asked questions

No. You do not require any technical skills or coding knowledge to use the robust features of this App. It’s driven by iMIS IQAs queries and backed by a simple and intuitive interface. Most of the settings and customisations can be done by selecting, drag-and-drop, and filling the fields.


Yes.  The immediate referral options are managed by IQA query so the ‘Referral’ options can be easily shown or hidden 

Yes, we have clients offering premium listings, badging specialities or accreditations or using colours to identify different contact types.

Referral Buddy not only allows you to tell members how many times their listing was clicked on, but also comes with the capability to connect the searcher to the member via a form.  And, we can even tell members what filters the contact used in the search to find them!

Yes, Referral Buddy was built specifically as a product enhancement for Search Buddy.

Yes, but isof course built to be cloud-friendly!

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