Cart-less registration for complimentary iMIS events & registrations

Easy and simple to configure

Enhanced user experience

Main Features

enhanced registration process

for simple and fast complimentary registrations. Hybrid solution available when the member is free and there is a fee for non-members

Responsive and Mobile Ready

Event registration is equally easy to read on mobile screens of all sizes.

Templated page Options

Different page layouts for different event types

For iMIS Enterprise and iMIS 2017

All Pseudo Code products are cloud-friendly, but Registration Buddy is available for iMIS 2017 users as well!

Why you need this?

Create a first class user experience when all they need to do is register

Frequently asked questions

No,  Registration Buddy works with standard iMIS RiSE functionality

Registration Buddy simply  extends the standard iMIS product tools.  Product Buddy will work perfectly with iMIS Themes and Layouts. 

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