Whether you need one super-smart search with multiple filters, or a multitude of searches with simple filters, Search Buddy makes it easy for staff to manage, and even easier for people to use.

Now searching with or without a map

Search Buddy has come a long way in the last year; no longer tied to a radius plotted to a map (although it still does that too), Search Buddy can use any data in iMIS with an address (think people, organisations, events, properties) and present it beautifully and simply.

Main features

Visualisation of Location Data

Accurate, clear, and self-explanatory visualisation of location data based on Google maps with directions to specific locations

Fully Responsive

A fully responsive app that performs equally well on all devices and screen sizes

High-Performance Searches

A refined list of instantaneous results for the selected radius. Uses proximity search method wth emphasis on relevance. Excludes less important results

No Need for Technical Knowledge

No need for prior geocoding of addressees. No need for coding or technical skills

Display Options

Tabular, list, card-view results display format options for easy use and quicker access

Supports Major English-Speaking Regions

Segment and search results for contacts, events, organisations, and campaigns in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand

Why you need this?

Search Individuals, Organisations, and Events

Search people, services, companies, and events within a radius or simply using data from iMIS; interests, specialist services, awards.

Search Filters and Setting Parameters

Use simple or advanced search filters to get results filtered according to the parameters entered besides the proximity radius. Add filters and reorder them by drag and drop to further refine the search.

What Our Clients Say

Instead of having us talk about ourselves, why don’t we see what our clients have to say.

The Radius Search App is the best thing to have happened to our event management company. We can now promote, send invites, and organise events more efficiently than ever before. Filtering the potential participants has allowed us to personalise our communication, which is pertinent these days.
Maria Elena Myburg
I am thrilled with the performance of the Radius Search App. The visualisation of information, maps, and locational data are uncluttered. It all gets done pretty quick and smooth.
Matt Duran
iMIS Consultant
Honestly, I was a bit confused at the beginning given the rich features of the app and my limited technical knowledge. However, I found out that it’s a simple and intuitive four-step process. Map settings, data sourcing and mapping, filters’ setup, and the results display layout settings were easy even for a non-technical person like me.
Joe Rizzo
Events Manager

Frequently asked questions

No. You do not require any technical skills or coding knowledge to use the robust features of this App. It’s driven by iMIS IQAs queries and backed by a simple and intuitive interface. Most of the settings and customisations can be done by selecting, drag-and-drop, and filling the fields.


Not any more!  Search Buddy now comes with an option to hide the map and search without the radius option enforced

Search Buddy allows you to search within a specific radius. It comes preloaded with the zip and postal codes, along with localities, suburbs, cities, and states. Search Buddy supports radius searches in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Yes,  in addition to the three standard layouts built-in, Search Buddy has a ‘Custom’ option so you can create your own layouts with HTML

Search Buddy is fully responsive. It will work smoothly and with full functionality on all devices including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. All results display formats would be available on any of these devices.

Yes, we have clients offering premium listings, badging specialities or accreditations or using colours to identify different contact types.

Yes – there is a toggle that randomises the search results.

Search Buddy Referral not only allows you to tell members how many times their listing was clicked on, but also comes with the capability to connect the searcher to the member via a form.  And, we can even tell members what filters the contact used in the search to find them!

Because the radius component is no longer necessary.  Search Buddy is way more powerful now.  And we wanted Content Buddy to have a friend!

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