Powerful survey capability, straight from iMIS. Survey Buddy is the Buddy we have all been waiting for!

Easy and simple

Select question types from the library and build your survey in real-time . Apply personalisations (from your iMIS data) and add logic based upon the responses received. 

Fully integrated into iMIS

Use standard iMIS content and templates to send your surveys.  No exports, just use IQA, add the link and send.  Or use Process Automation and let iMIS do the work.  Completed surveys are saved back to an iMIS ID.

Main Features of Survey Buddy

Survey Buddy uses best of breed software

Pseudo Code has taken an off-the-shelf survey tool then integrated it directly into iMIS. For iMIS EMS and 2017

Real-time Preview

Real-time Editing and Preview of all changes made while perfecting the design. Check exactly how the live page is going to look at every step

Survey Buddy does not rely on iMIS configuration

Survey data is saved to iMIS against a contact, but there is no need to create tables and fields - Survey Buddy manages the data for you

Responsive and Mobile Ready

Survey Buddy surveys are truly responsive and easy to use for everyone

Drag and drop

Drag and drop build functionality throughout the Survey Builder

Dynamic Analytics & Dashboards

Survey Buddy creates a smart, dynamic dashboard for surveys. You can even switch between a graphical and tabular view of the data

Why you need Survey Buddy?

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Our clients say

"I love the iMIS building Sections, half of the job to achieve a perfect landing page design is already done. Surprised by the time and effort saved!"
Hilary Singh
Marketing Manager
"Section App has saved so much time for me. Even though I am an expert coder, I used to spend lots of time on simple designs. That’s where Sections App is the ideal tool. No coding, just drag and drop, customise, and the web page is ready. Truly an amazing experience! "
Christine Rood
"In my decade-long web designing career, I haven’t come across anything as smooth and intuitive as the Section App. The configuration options are ample yet they do not overwhelm keeping the designing process simple and quick. "
Julius Agnes
Web Designer
"I love every bit of the Section App. The user interface, functionality, pre-loaded building blocks, configuring options, real-time preview, just everything. I am eagerly waiting to hear the upgrade news from the Section App development team to turn it into an even more robust web designing App. All the best! "
Jackes Tamper

Frequently asked questions

Yes!  Survey Buddy is cloud-friendly but works beautifully in both versions of iMIS.

No.  The Pseudo Code license gives you unlimited access to the survey builder, and unlimited surveys!

Yes!  The survey can be presented via navigation on your RISE website, or sent as a link in an email

No,  you can clone existing surveys.  The questions can be banked too!

No.  The content can be created dynamically because each survey itself has a unique ID

Good question – call us for the technical answer.  But in simple terms, the answers are stored in iMIS against an ID in a format that doe so0t require specific data configuration.

Yes, with the addition of a small module

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