Face the Facts Campaign 2021 – Diabetes SA

Matthew Casburn, Executive Manager Corporate Services at DSA, reached out to Pseudo Code to assist with the building of a new website for “Face The Facts” Campaign aiming at a go live in the middle of February 2021.

Pseudo Code proposed a solution based on standard RiSE platform with some custom iParts to address the gaps in the requirements.

The Campaign

The primary aim of the campaign was to raise awareness of the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, and how to determine if individuals are at risk.

The Call to Action

Around 500,000 people have undiagnosed type 2 diabetes, putting them at serious risk of complications associated with diabetes including heart disease, kidney failure, nerve damage, and kidney disease.

The call to action is for everyone to take the AUSDRISK test via the website facethefacts.org.au or scan the QR code on campaign material.

The Requirements

  • A new RiSE website: Using iMIS 2017 responsive website template so that the look & feel is per the DSA concept design for both desktop and mobile designs.
  • Facts Layout: Including development of a solution to  support the use of sliders within tabbed content
  • Dynamic Event page: with dynamic listing of next upcoming event & information
  • Risk Test: Re-adaptation of the current Risk Test to work in a modal
    • Spread the Word: Allows anonymous visitors to share the Risk Test with family and friends
    • Find an Event: Autocomplete field to quickly find events based on town and/or postcode
    • All event location: Custom iPart in a modal to list all upcoming events with hyperlinks to event detailed page
    • Check In: A custom solution to save check-in Information without creating an account
    • Email a GP my result: Custom iPart to email a PDF of the test result to a GP
    • Let’s Talk: Custom iPart in a Modal that saves data to iMIS tables so that it can be reflected on dashboard 

The Solution


Bilal Jeewa, Director of Pseudo Code is proud of the website delivered in a very short timeframe.  “It is always rewarding when we are involved in a project that is so important to the community, and Diabetes SA are an amazing organisation and a pleasure to work with”.

“We created a suite of custom iParts which were developed specifically to enhance the standard tools available with iMIS, designed to simplify the user experience, ensure secure and accurate data collection and of course, look good”.

Matthew Casburn is delighted with new website too, ” Pseudo Code really understood what we were trying to achieve with this campaign, and worked hard to help us improve the processes and user interface wherever possible”.

Whilst the results of this long-running campaign will not be available for a while, the website has already been presented with a “Great Things” award by ASI, the owners of iMIS.