Deliver the retail experience your customers expect

Easy and simple

Enhanced user experience

Main Features

Enhanced Product Display

The power of HTML to your product pages in your shop. Formatted text, lists, tables, links, downloads, images, media embedding & additional popup content allow you to present your products in detail

Intuitive product selectors

Works like a master product, switching between a group of related products via variant selections. Up to two selectors, like size & colour, per product

Responsive and Mobile Ready

Shop content is equally easy to read on mobile screens of all sizes.

Animated cart actions

Provide a clear indication of all cart interactions. And with no page reload required when adding or removing items from the cart, the customer is free to continue on to their next purchase.

Multiple Images

Show off your product from different angles or higlight particular elements/features. Alternate images show as a thumbnail grid below the primary image.

For iMIS Enterprise and iMIS 2017

All Pseudo Code products are cloud-friendly, but Product Buddy is available for iMIS 2017 users as well!

Why you need this?

Create a first class user experience both comfortably familiar and expected from a modern retail website

Frequently asked questions

Yes! Product Buddy uses the latest technology to provide an intuitive retail experience and a truly responsive and mobile-friendly shop. 

No, Product Buddy uses standard iMIS product functionality to create a suite of products that work together

Product Buddy simply  extends the standard iMIS product tools.  Product Buddy will work perfectly with iMIS Themes and Layouts. 

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