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One Click Login

Let’s you login to the website and be taken to the page of your choice in one click.

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Dynamic Repeater

The Dynamic Repeater allows you to display any data stored in iMIS on a content page within your RiSE website. You can create a simple IQA query to obtain the data that you need, and then present the data returned in that query in any format you like using a HTML editor.

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Collapsible Tag List

Similar to the Dynamic Repeater but returns content based on tags rather than data from an IQA query. A Telerik editor can be used to build your HTML, giving you complete control of the presentation  of your dynamic listing of pages. Example uses are things like top stories, breaking news, media releases and basically anything related to displaying tagged pages.

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Tag Me

Keep track of all the pages your users are visiting. The data is stored against each users record, allowing you to get an understanding of which pages they are visiting and areas of the website that can be improved.

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The Concealer iPart allows you to hide any iParts within a content page based on rules that you define in an IQA query.

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Multi-Gateway Switcher

The Multi-Gateway switcher allows you to accept payments from multiple currencies within your RiSE based cart.

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Dynamic Filter

Display a list of options returned from an IQA query. The option selected will then be parsed as a URL parameter. Often used in conjunction with the Dynamic Repeater or Collapsible Tag List. Example uses include filtering options for a list of events, products or media articles.

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Pseudo Router

Create rules to direct the user to the appropriate content page. Rules are created based off  an IQA query. For example you may want users to be directed to a different page depending on their member type or any other field returned from your IQA query.

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Radius Search

The Radius Search iPart allows you to search for records within a certain radius of a particular zip/postal code or city. It uses google maps longitude/latitude coordinates to determine the results. You can also create your own additional filters to filter the result set. An IQA can be used as the query for your results, or where more complicated rules are required, you can use a stored procedure instead.

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Donation Round Up

Easily donate from the iMIS Cart. Round up the amount in the cart to a value of your choice and apply as a donation.

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Account Creation

The account creation iPart has the same functionality as the standard contact account creator iPart, with the addition of duplicate record matching.

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Auto Complimentary Event Registration

Do you run free events? Rather than having the user click multiple buttons and navigate through multiple pages including the cart, register them in just one click.

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Event Registration iParts

Perfect for organisations who take table or group bookings. The registration process has been streamlined to allow the user to easily add in their guests at any stage of the registration process. A guest management process is also included which allows you to create records for guests while performing a duplicate check.

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Event and Product Cross Promoter

Easily promote a set of products or events on any page on your website.

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Easily create an Accordion display without any programming. Use the configuration to add each accordion element and content.

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