Radius Search: A search using Google Maps

Return a list of contacts within a radius of a particular post code and plot them on a map.

What is Radius Search iPart?

Embed Google Maps to build extensible location search for your visitors

  • Interactive Google Map

    • Valid addresses are Geocoded in real-time and plotted on Google Map
  • Search within radius for records in nearby region by postcode, city or state
  • Advanced Search capabilities

    • Refine your result with intuitive filtering capabilities
    • Supports Intellisense, radio buttons, drop-downs, checkbox set and more
  • Driven by familiar iMIS IQA queries

  • Supports SQL stored procedure for more complex search algorithms
  • Fully responsive and customisable results

    • Display detailed result in any format on any device
    • Showcase premium members first
    • Supports randomised results
    • Displays profile pictures and logos
  • Link to turn by turn directions in your mobile phone app
  • Engage with unlimited searches, your visitors will experience personalised search experience custom tailored by you

    • Find a Girl Guide unit near you
    • Find a Speech Pathologist
    • Find a Surgeon
    • Find a Veterinary Practice
    • Find a Cabinet Maker
    • Find an event/training
  • Upgrade friendly solution that supports iMIS version 20 to latest version of iMIS
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