SMS by Pseudo Code

Simple messaging, driven by IQA

Special Offer: No subscription fee for SMS by Pseudo Code for the first year!

Main Features

Driven by Simple IQA Queries

Using a simple ClickSend integration directly from the staff site, select your recipients, write your message and click send!

Real-time Preview

Real-time editing and preview of changes made whilst perfecting the message, and a live estimate of the cost per message to send.

Personalised Messaging

Use any column in your IQA to merge and send personalised messages. The built-in tiny URL tool keeps links succinct (keeps the cost down!)

Real Time Balance

See how much money you have left inyour your ClickSend account from the SMS Dashboard on the iMIS staff site

Pseudo Code will donate all profit from the sale of SMS by Pseudo Code to help disadvantaged children in Australia and New Zealand

No programming, no developers, no hassle.  Use IQA queries to segment your data and create your audience.  Write your message and send!

Why you need this?

Our clients say

"I love the iMIS building Sections, half of the job to achieve a perfect landing page design is already done. Surprised by the time and effort saved!"
Hilary Singh
Marketing Manager
"Section App has saved so much time for me. Even though I am an expert coder, I used to spend lots of time on simple designs. That’s where Sections App is the ideal tool. No coding, just drag and drop, customise, and the web page is ready. Truly an amazing experience! "
Christine Rood
"In my decade-long web designing career, I haven’t come across anything as smooth and intuitive as the Section App. The configuration options are ample yet they do not overwhelm keeping the designing process simple and quick. "
Julius Agnes
Web Designer
"I love every bit of the Section App. The user interface, functionality, pre-loaded building blocks, configuring options, real-time preview, just everything. I am eagerly waiting to hear the upgrade news from the Section App development team to turn it into an even more robust web designing App. All the best! "
Jackes Tamper

Frequently asked questions

No.  If you can write an IQA query, they you can send SMS messages.  We even give you a few to start with!

ClickSend only charge if the phone number is verified by the provider at the point of sending.  

We are working now to offer other solutions as well

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