Pseudo Code: Winner of ASI consulting innovation of the year

With over 29500+ Consulting hours and counting, Pseudo Code brings together the most complete and trusted iMIS consultants in the Asia-Pacific market.

Responsive RiSE Website

We implement Member Self-Service, Online Shop, Event Registration, Donation, Join Now and Renewal pages.

Perfect For All Devices

No matter the size of your screen or device, your site will look fantastic with an iMIS RiSE responsive template.

Process Improvement

We'll review your business issues, audit your use of iMIS, and evaluate how to fully utilise the system to meet your growing needs.

Goal Development. Inhibitor Discovery. Roadmap.

We will provide a comprehensive roadmap with action items you can use for planning, execution, and budgeting.

iMIS Implementation

We provide cost-effective implementation services with a core focus on a product-based solution that is upgradeable.

On Time. On Budget.

We will take time to analyse your unique business processes and use our knowledge and experience from past projects to deliver high quality and cost effective services.

iMIS Upgrades

We will upgrade you to the latest version of iMIS so that you can make the most of the exciting new features.

Make the most of iMIS

iMIS 20 is the most advanced release of iMIS yet. With incredible new capabilities and features that ensures your infrastructure remains current, your staff are productive and supports the “anytime, anywhere, on any device” mode of business.

Staff Portal

We will help you create a road-map to gradually move from the iMIS desktop to the new iPart based staff portal.

RiSE and iParts

To achieve this we recommend a departmental approach: Get one department to embrace the new staff site and gradually move the rest of your organisation.

Support, Reports and Training

We provide several ongoing support plans, training in all aspects of iMIS and report writing using IQA, SSRS and Crystal.

Performance measurement

Continually measure and improve member/donor engagement efforts to gain in-depth intelligence on constituents with custom reports and personalised staff dashboards.

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Why choose Pseudo Code?

Our ability to solve specific organisational problems in the context of each client’s culture, skills and circumstances sees Pseudo Code work as a trusted advisor to many organisations both large and small and from a variety of industry sectors.

  • We bring best practices and methodologies from our cumulative 18 years experience working at ASI. 
  • We will deliver on time and on budget and with solutions that lead to continual performance improvement through an Agile methodology.
  • Our approach to iMIS RiSE implementation solutions is defined by innovation and collaboration.
  • Our focus is on standard out-of-the-box iMIS solutions to business requirements.
  • We are Authorised iMIS Consultants.
Our work is to help the Not-for-profit sector reach their financial goals and fulfill their strategic mission.

We have three goals in mind: better customer service, continuous performance improvement and improved efficiency through streamlined business processes. The end result is a resilient company that moves products, services and information quickly and efficiently.

We’re a principal-driven company. That means you work directly with us and that’s the way we like it. We’ve built a talented, full service team. Our people lead and deliver projects with energy and accountability. We’re flexible and responsive, adapting our approach to meet the needs of individual assignments. We stay close to our clients, partnering with them, to create and deliver as one team.
We will implement the most cost effective out-of-the-box iMIS solutions through a complexity elimination process. If required, our extensions will be upgrade friendly by using ASI endorsed tools.
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I have found Bilal to be never less than courteous and understanding. His knowledge of iMIS is prodigious and his ability to guide novices such as the staff at the RCVS through the complexity makes a complex issue seem straight forward. His attitude to the staff and their problems and issues that they have had and still have has always been positive, with a ‘can do’ attitude, teasing out from departments what exactly it is that they are trying to do, and what is the business requirement, rather than implementing their first stated request which most times would not have delivered what they wanted. This project would not be as far along its path of implementation without Bilal’s input and drive. As far as I personally am concerned he has been and is – a star!
Congratulations Leo for the respect award in recognition of many months of support and encouragement provided, especially to those of us less technically inclined than himself. Despite his own heavy workload, he is always happy to make suggestions, research problems and assist colleagues whenever possible. Leo is also gifted in the art of translating techno-babble into English, and achieves this without patronising or belittling his audience.
Pauline, ASI
I just wanted to let you know that the Register4 launch went extremely well today. At 5pm we have almost 3,000 registrations and our Trustees are thrilled. Thanks to Leo for his part in making this a success. It is a great testament to his professionalism, patience and the great company you work for.
Anthony, National Breast Cancer Foundation
A big THANK YOU to Bilal for going above and beyond during this final conversion! We appreciate it so much.
Shermie, IFAC
Just wanted to give a kudos out to Leo, who really helped us in a bind last night. We were in desperate need of a demo db on a client hosted server for some meetings this morning, and he came to our rescue… Thanks to him the customer never knew we had a last minute panic and the meetings started on time this morning.
Lara, ASI