We love doing what we do

It’s a pre-requisite for joining our team. Each one of our people – from the geeks  to the process masters (even our Project Managers) – are passionate about what they do. Hard work and big challenges aren’t a chore, but exciting. And everyone’s focused on doing a brilliant job every time.

Pseudo Code provides specialist iMIS expertise to the NFP sector. ‘Pseudocode’ is a computing term for programming written in everyday language — and that is what we do. Whether you require improved systems management, trouble-free data transfer, website design and implementation or any other iMIS service, Pseudo Code has all the tools, information and assistance you need in plain, understandable language.

Our Mission

Our work is to help our clients achieve their financial objectives and fulfill their strategic mission.

We have three goals in mind:

  • better customer service
  • continuous performance improvement
  • improved efficiency through streamlined business processes

We are a resilient company that moves products, services and information quickly and efficiently.

Our Philosophy

We’re a principal-driven company. That means you work directly with us and that’s the way we like it. 


We’ve built a talented, full service team. Our people lead and deliver projects with energy and accountability. We’re flexible and responsive, adapting our approach to meet the needs of individual assignments.


We stay close to our clients, partnering with them, to create and deliver as one team.

Our Promise

With us, you deal with the senior consultants or subject matter experts every time.


Being tight-knit means we're able to spot issues before they become problems. It also means we're far more flexible in how we work with you.


We implement cost effective out-of-the-box iMIS solutions and eliminate complexity.  If required, our extensions will be upgrade friendly by using ASI endorsed tools.

Our Team

Director, Product Development Lead

Once voted No. 1 laugh in the world of iMIS.  He is not allowed to use power tools. Can only count in French, and works in a railway carriage.

Director, Technical Lead

Did a double degree in computer science, thinks calculus is fun. Seriously outnumbered by girls at home, Collingwood rules!

Way more competitive than Arsenal!

Senior Application Consultant

Travel enthusiast

Go to the gym just so that I can eat more with a clear conscience!

On down time like riding road bike or doing reno projects.

Digital Consultant

Not really a fan of The Beatles, I just liked this walrus!

2021 Pseudo Code Fibbage  Champion. 

Very, very creative liar!

Project Manager

Ex-wannabe librarian, alphabetical arranger of spice jars, accidental IT professional, novice bookbinder, amateur gardener and lover of border collies

Digital Consultant

I don't drink tea or coffee and for some reason this freaks the rest of the team out.

Digital Consultant

Volleyball and old movies - occasionally at the same time!

Senior Digital Consultant

10,000 grapevines and not a drop to drink

Digital Constultunt

EVER so slightly OCD about spellling, Punctuation -   sp a c in g and styling; This will drive him BoNkErS!!  

Senior Consultant

Purveyor of fine food since 1975.  Dogs over cats, but tea and coffee? Too hard to decide. Two passports, three residencies. 

2021 Pseudo Code Drawio Champion. 

Nobody is sure how that happened!

Marketing Consultant

Can sometimes be found on Hamilton Island surfing and living the good life.  Is very patient.

Junior Consultant

Born to run, then found technology. Cats over dogs. Football over rugby.  Hair product over food. Don't judge me!

2021 Pseudo Code Quiz Champion.